Red Sided Eclectus


SALE!!! one female baby available and almost ready to go wraned to pretty bird Eclectus Diet and fresh fruits and veggies. for more info and videos please visit our Facebook page at

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Red Sided Eclectus

  • spacious accommodation (ideally also an outdoor flight),
  • a playground or two outside the cage (in areas where humans usually hang out)
  • lots of chewing toys (wood toys, leather strips and shredding toys are usually Eclectus favorites); and
  • plenty of out-of-cage activities to prevent boredom and depression.

If their needs are not met, these intelligent creatures can develop serious behavioral problems.

Eclectus parrots are among the top three “talking” parrots. They rival the talented African Grey and Amazon parrots in terms of clarity of speech and vocabulary. Some even learned entire songs. Eclectuses usually have sweet, female or childlike voices. Even though the talent varies, most Eclectus do learn at least a few words.