Scarlet Macaws


By nature, the scarlet is inquisitive and independent. They are good talkers and will pick up words and short phrases easily. Like other macaw species, they are highly intelligent and learn with lightening speed. They require consistent and well-defined boundaries and owners committed to providing the nurturing and stimulation that they need. With proper socialization when young and plenty of exercises, the scarlet makes an excellent companion.

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scarlet macaw for sale The scarlet macaw, because of its beauty, has been depleted in the wild, though efforts are taking place in Costa Rica and other countries to help save current populations or to repopulate area formerly occupied by these birds.

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Some scientists believe that these aren’t true subspecies, but the final word isn’t out on this yet, though many scientists hold rigorously to the distinct classifications. Others break the scarlets into three groups — Mexican, Central and South American based on size and coloration. In general, the Mexican scarlet has less yellow and is smaller than the others; the South American is a little larger and has a little more yellow on the wing; the Central American scarlet is the visual stunner of the three, a large bird with a wide band of yellow on the wing. blue dream glo